Frequently Asked  Questions

How do I decide which class is right for me? 
We encourage everyone to try a few different styles and teachers to explore what’s right for you. We offer drop in style classes for beginners, and a 4 week Yoga 101 for Beginners series for those who like to dig a little deeper. If you’re the type who likes to jump right in, most of our classes are suitable for both beginners and experienced students, and all of our teachers are very experienced in teaching students with different levels of experience. Our smaller class sizes ensure that you can see and be seen, and hear and be heard, creating a community of learners within every class! We will be happy to advise you and help you decide which class is most suitable for your needs. If you’re new at Flourish, try out our 30 Days of Unlimited Yoga for $40 introductory offer. You can try as many of our drop in classes as you’d like over 3 weeks, get to know our teachers, and see what works for you! 
When should I arrive for class? 
Please arrive 10-15 minutes before class begins, especially if it’s your first visit so you have time to fill out the student information form and waiver. Our doors open 15 minutes before class and we lock the door when class begins. To respect everyone's time and provide the best possible class experience for all of our students, we do not allow late arrivals. 
What should I bring? 
At Flourish we provide everything you might need to make your practice the best it can be! We have enough blocks, straps, bolsters, weights, and other props for every student, and your first mat rental is on the house. You’re welcome to bring your own mat, and a water bottle that you can fill up at our filtered water station, but you won’t need much else except your smile! 
What do I wear?  
We recommend wearing comfortable clothing that you can move easily in, but nothing too loose- downward dog can be a little trickier when your shirt falls over your head! We keep the temperature in our studios around a comfortable 23 degrees, and even though we don’t offer “hot yoga”, you may build some heat in our dynamic classes, so dress accordingly. We provide blankets and meditation shawls for our Restorative Yoga classes, but if you get chilly easily you may want to bring a light jacket or sweater. 
Should I eat or drink before class? 
Try not to eat for two or three hours before class. If you practice yoga on a full stomach, you might experience discomfort, especially in twists, forward bends, and inversions. If you're absolutely famished have an easily digested snack such as a half a banana or a little yogurt. Come to class well hydrated and drink only if you feel thirsty. A sip or two of water here or there is ok, but drinking larger amounts just before or during class may have the same effect as eating too close to class! 
How else should I prepare for class? 
We have staff and students with scent and chemical sensitivities, so we kindly ask that you avoid wearing essential oils, perfume, cologne, deodorant body sprays, etc and avoid using heavily scented products. Observe good general hygiene, but please save the perfume for your post-yoga after-shower celebration! 
How do I use my voucher, gift card, or Complimentary Class Pass? 
Please bring your voucher, gift card, or complimentary class pass to the studio and present it when you’re signing in. Because, some of our most popular classes fill up a day or two ahead of time, we recommend signing up as “unpaid” for classes through our website or the MindBody app, or calling the studio before you come to hold your spot in class. It’s easy to use our online scheduler system! Just visit FlourishVitality.com and click on the “schedule” tab or "Book a Class" icon. Create a profile if you're new, or enter your email and password if you've been here before. Click on “Classes”, then click on “Sign up Now” next to the class and choose “register as unpaid”.  
What should I expect for my first class? 
You’ll be greeted by one of our friendly staff members, who will show you around and answer any questions you have. We also have a New Student Package for you to take home that includes a welcome letter with important policies and procedures, easy instructions on using our online sign up system, and more. Try not to worry if you feel a little (or a lot) awkward in the beginning. It sometimes takes 2-3 classes before you get the hang of things and that’s a good thing. Beginner’s mind actually helps you to stay in the moment, and part of the philosophy of yoga is to stretch yourself to the edge of your comfort zone and then get comfortable being there. We call it a practice because there’s no tests and no end to where yoga can take you! 
Are cell phones allowed?  
We ask our students to turn off all cell phones and electronic devices when entering the studio space. If you would like us to make an exception for emergencies and those that are“on call”, please speak to the teacher before each class. If they agree, we ask you to keep your phone next to your mat where you can see it, and on silent, If you do get a call, please quietly leave to class and take your conversation where it won’t disturb others.  
*Please note* there will be NO exceptions in Restorative or Sound Healing Yoga classes. 
I’m recovering from an injury or have a health concern, what class would be right for me? 
Many people practice yoga as a way to manage their health conditions. There are many different types of classes which suit different health needs and can also be adapted and modified for injuries. We are happy to advise you about our classes so you can decide which ones might suit your needs, but always check with your healthcare provider or a physical therapist with knowledge of yoga before beginning any new program. We take your safety seriously and we are not medical professionals, so we are not qualified to offer medical advice. We do offer precautions in class to follow the signals from your body, to move within your range of motion, and to avoid any movements that you have been advised not to do or that cause pain. It is beyond any teacher’s scope of practice to offer individual recommendations during a group class. We’re happy to chat and offer suggestions for different versions of poses or alternatives for a few minutes before and after class. If you would like more time and individual attention, we offer private yoga sessions with our lead teachers. You first 30 minute "Yoga Check UP" is available for just $30, and we offer packages for those who would like ongoing appointments with our yoga experts. Please speak to a Studio Adviser to book a private session.
Can I do yoga while pregnant? 
Yoga is usually a wonderful way to keep the body healthy, flexible, and strong throughout your pregnancy and to prepare you for birth and beyond, but please, safety first! Always consult your healthcare practitioner before attempting any exercise and particularly yoga, to ensure that it is safe for you and the baby. If you have never done yoga before, the general recommendation is not to start during the first three months of pregnancy, since your body isn’t used to it, and to take specially designed pre-natal classes after that. If you have an established yoga practice it is usually safe to continue your regular practice, following special precautions and avoiding certain poses at different stages of your pregnancy. During pregnancy the body produces hormones, like relaxin, which will make you more flexible especially in the hips and pelvis, so you’ll also need to be careful not to over do it and be mindful of maintaining stability in the joints more so that you do not overstretch.  
I’m under 18, can I attend classes? 
Please call a Studio Adviser at 705-881-5556 before attending classes if you are under 18 years old. Most of our classes are designed for students 16 years of age and older. The yoga practice of a child is different from the practice of an adult, and currently we do not offer regular classes for children of 12 years or less, although we do offer Family and Mom & Daughter Yoga workshops. 
With the consent of the management and the teacher, students ages 16 and above may attend adult classes, unaccompanied by an adult. We do not allow students between 13 and 16 in our regular classes without a parent or accompanying adult and will not be responsible for any person that age. The safety and class experience of all our students is always our first concern. To bring a child between 13 and 16 years old, you must meet several conditions and obtain permission specifically from both the management and the class teacher at least 24 hours in advance for EVERY class. Please inquire for more information. 
I am not flexible, can I still do yoga? 
You don’t need to be physically flexible to practice yoga, but you will be encouraged to be mentally flexible! Yoga improves the flexibility of the mind and body, so don’t worry if you can’t touch your toes. Come as you are, respect your natural range of motion, and learn to celebrate what your body can do. Most importantly, breathe and smile!
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