Our Teaching Team

 Our Teaching Team

At Flourish we have carefully chosen our teaching team based on the skills they have have developed in their personal and professional lives. 

Each of our highly qualified, experienced teachers embodies a passion for yoga, both on and off the mat. Some of our teachers have professional teaching degrees, while others have degrees in psychology, social work and other related fields, and all have demonstrated their dedication to improving the lives of those in our community. All of our teachers share our mission to create a comfortable, safe, and inclusive studio community, so we can practice together, learn, grow, and Flourish!

Joanne Lougheed

Co-founder of Flourish and Lead Teacher
Joanne has been practicing yoga poses since she discovered Lilias Folan, “The First Lady of Yoga”, on PBS as a child. Joanne’s early yoga practice transformed her experience of her body from awkward and uncertain to comfortable and confident- teaching her to love her body and embrace what it could do. Since her teens, she’s studied yoga philosophy, breathwork and meditation and over the years these tools have become essential to her way of life. With the encouragement of her teachers, Joanne became certified to teach in 2001 and has been teaching locally and internationally ever since. Joanne also holds a B.A. in Education and a Specialized Honours Degree with a focus on Developmental and Educational Psychology, which has contributed to her skilled and effective teaching of students of every age for more than 15 years. 

 Joanne believes yoga improves life off the mat- physically, mentally and emotionally- and encourages her students to use their practice to find their strength and resilience, empowering them the meet the challenges of life. Joanne teaches both group and private sessions at Flourish and in the community, and specialises in Yoga for Beginners, Restorative Yoga, and Yoga for Strength and Stability.

Beth Bashford

Beth has been practicing yoga for over 20 years and believes that the true meaning and purpose of yoga is to calm the mind, and that the postures and physical benefits are simply a bonus!

When she's not on her mat, she takes her practice into the great outdoors. Beth has passion for mind body healing that comes with enjoying many activities, and loves to keep active hiking, cycling, rowing, playing soccer, or in winter, snowshoeing and skiing. With almost 20 years as a rowing and soccer coach, Beth simply loves helping people "get it", and she guides our students to enjoy the process of getting to where they benefit AND to enjoy their time with any chosen activity!

Beth completed her teacher training in India and as a result she offers a traditional yoga class with a strong alignment focus, plus the opportunity to explore meditation. Also a BodyTalk practitioner for more than a decade, Beth will remind you to "listen to your body. It's very surprising how it will speak to you ... just listen"

Danielle Kostrich

Danielle was introduced to yoga five years ago by her mother, who invited her along to a class. Curious about yoga, but too shy to enter a studio for a long time, Danielle was afraid she would stand out and “not know what to do”. In that first class she fell in love with the practice, and has actively pursued a deepening relationship with yoga ever since.

With a background in figure skating, dance, and theatre, and as an Ontario Certified Teacher with a BAH and B.Ed. from Queen’s University, Danielle naturally gravitated towards yoga teacher training. Once she began, she couldn’t get enough of learning about body, breath, and mind, and completed 200-hour & 300-hour intensive training programs back to back from Winter 2014 to Spring 2016.

Danielle’s goal in teaching yoga is to bring a little more peace and kindness into the world. She shares believes that yoga is for everyBODY, and hopes her students will find empowerment through their practice to love themselves more and in turn, send more loving kindness outward.
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