Our Studio

At Flourish we believe that yoga is for every body. We embrace the beauty in diversity, both in people and in teachings. We’re here to help your whole life Flourish!

Our experienced and passionate teaching team strives to create fun, inspiring classes, where we teach what we love to practice and everyone can find a community to connect with and a class they can enjoy. The result is a variety of classes that all share one thing in common: a safe, supportive space where you are encouraged to start where you are and go at your own pace as you explore the inner workings of body, mind, and spirit. We’re here to empower you to celebrate what you can do, and to learn and grow through practices you can apply on and off the mat.

Our Story

Flourish Vitality Centre was founded in November of 2014 by “partners-in-everything” Joanne Lougheed and Ian McIntosh.

Early in 2014, Joanne and Ian began looking for a space where Joanne could follow her passion for teaching yoga and where Ian’s dream of having his own photo studio could also come to life.

It took a few months, but it was worth the wait because they found a place where they could have both those things, and much more! Their vision expanded to include creating a “Vitality Centre” to share not only yoga and photography, but many holistic practices to support their community.
Flourish was joyfully created and now offers a variety of yoga and meditation classes, and empowering personal development programs, as well as welcoming a variety of wellness practitioners to share two lovely, serene studios and three warm, beautiful treatment rooms.

Our suite of rooms features two lovely studios, both fully equipped and complete with mats and props to support your practice. At Flourish we believe in smaller yoga classes, never more than 10 or 13 students, ensuring the comfort of our students, the opportunity for individual attention, and a sense of belonging in an inclusive and welcoming community.

We also have 3 warm and inviting treatment rooms available for part time and occasional rentals, that are shared by a variety of wellness professionals including our Registered Dietitian Charlotte Jones, counsellors and coaches, energy healers, and more.

Our Teaching Team

We have carefully chosen our teaching team based on the skills they have developed in their personal and professional lives. Each of our highly qualified, experienced teachers embodies a passion for yoga, both on and off the mat. 

Studio Tour

Studio Location

Flourish is located on Barrie's beautiful Lakeshore at 11 Victoria Street, directly across from Centennial Beach. Our entrance is located in the breezeway between the buildings, with the studio windows facing the water. Our lake view is especially spectacular in the morning!

Our lovely studio is fully equipped and complete with all the props to need to support your practice and comfortably accommodates up to 20 students. Just bring your mat and your smile!

At Flourish we believe in ensuring the comfort of our students, the opportunity for individual attention, and a sense of belonging in an inclusive and welcoming community. 

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