Class Descriptions

Yoga Class Descriptions

We offer FUN & INSPIRING Yoga Classes with EXPERT TEACHERS.

Whether you want to relax & restore, build strength & stability, or do both, we have a class for you!

Yoga FUNdamentals

Yoga FUNdamentals is a light-hearted, moderately paced class led by our expert Lead Teacher Joanne Lougheed.

We explore common seated, standing, and reclined poses, breathwork, and meditation, and learn how to make the poses suit your body (and not the other way around!) Whether you’re a beginner or have yoga experience, you will deepen your understanding of how yoga can work for you! 

Core Flow fusion

Core Flow Fusion combines breathwork, core strengthening poses, and flow yoga sequences into a dynamic practice where you’ll build strength and stability in the abdominals, mid and low back, and glutes. 

Both beginners and experienced students will benefit in many ways, including improvement in balance, digestion, lower back pain and day to day movement.

Beginner Yoga

Beginner Yoga is an easy to follow class in a fun and friendly atmosphere, with our expert Lead Teacher Joanne Lougheed.

You will learn to do Sun Salutations and other Hatha Yoga poses in a small class, focusing on alignment and adjustments so you can easily and safely practice in a way that makes the pose suit your body, not the other way around!  You'll also learn about breathwork, meditation, principles of yoga philosophy, and yoga class etiquette. Begin your journey into all yoga has to offer with us! 

Hatha Yoga

Hatha Yoga is a mindful exploration of the physical postures of yoga and a way to celebrate all the things our bodies can do!

Whether you’re new to yoga or a seasoned practitioner, you'll be guided to find the “just right” level of intensity and challenge in each pose. Learn to use conscious breathing in combination with mental focus to develop strength, flexibility, balance, mental clarity, and a sense of well-being. 

Core & Restore Yoga

Core and Restore Yoga is an all-levels class, great for everyone including post-natal students and anyone wanting to have a healthy back! 

Creating a strong core is paramount for healthy movement, so we explore the latest research in bio-mechanics and traditional yoga practices to build strength and stamina. We also unwind in the second half with restorative poses to release tension and re-energize, gently lengthening muscles and stretching the fascia to create space for the body to move freely. This class will leave you feeling robust and resilient, and centered both in mind and body.

Yoga with Weights

Yoga with Weights combines the energy of a dynamic yoga class with the additional metabolic boost of weight training that hits every major muscle group! 

Skip the gym and enjoy this perfect blend of grounding yoga flow and metabolism-boosting, sculpting weight training in an easy-to-follow yoga practice that increases body awareness and balance, and boosts lean muscle mass and flexibility.

Energy Flow Yoga

Energy Flow Yoga is a great practice for you if you enjoy a dynamic Meditation-in-Motion that prepares you for a relaxing and restorative savasana at the end! 

Join the breath with movement in vinyasa sequences that flow through the poses, including Sun Salutations and more. Suitable for both beginners and experienced students, we offer variations of the poses and the encouragement to go at your perfect pace, so you can choose the practice that’s just right for you!

Gentle Hatha Yoga

Gentle Hatha Yoga is for every body- No pretzel poses here! 

Designed to make the many benefits of yoga available to a wide range of physical abilities, including seniors and those managing ongoing health conditions, our expert teacher explains how to make the poses safely and comfortably suit your body, and not the other way around! You’ll benefit from increased strength, balance, range of motion, and coordination. Plus, you can boost immune function, lower blood pressure, manage pain, reduce stress, and enjoy better mood and mental health!

Slow & strong flow Yoga

Slow & Strong Flow Yoga is the perfect practice for you if you want to enjoy the benefits of Flow Yoga’s Meditation-in-Motion and build strength and stability in both mind and body.

This weights optional class joins the breath with movement in a series that flows through the poses, including Sun Salutations and more. It's great both for those beginning to discover Flow Yoga and seasoned students wanting explore a more nuanced practice. Our experienced teachers offer variations of the poses and guide you with a steady mindful pace. You will to develop range of motion, stability, and strength with awareness, and leave feeling relaxed, and refreshed!

Restorative Yoga

Restorative Yoga is a meditative approach to yoga which is calming to the mind and body, balancing out the more active practices. 

This “yin” based practice includes easy, reclined poses, using props such as blankets, blocks, cushions, and straps to allow the body to achieve each position safely and comfortably. We gently stretch and release tension from the muscles and connective tissue that surrounds the joints, increasing its elasticity, which is highly beneficial for injury prevention and joint health. Because we hold several postures for longer periods, it also restores energy, stimulates the immune system, and calms the nervous system, leaving you refreshed, rejuvenated and relaxed !

Dynamic Hatha Yoga

Dynamic Hatha Yoga is a traditional style of yoga class with a little added Umph! 

We combine traditional postures and conscious breathing with mental focus to develop mindfulness, strength, flexibility and relaxation. We invite you to kick it up a notch if you'd like, by adding options at each stage of the pose, so you can take it wherever your energy level allows.  “Hatha” can be translated as sun (ha) and moon (tha), meaning “the yoga of balance”, so you'll find this class is as dynamic as you are and leave feeling strong and resilient! 
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