What's Your Yoga Personality

What's Your Yoga Personality

Yoga has been proven to boost mood, reduce stress and anxiety, and improve overall health. But with many different styles of yoga classes, sometimes you need a little help to figure out what works for you. The key to connecting with your mind, body and spirit through yoga is to match your practice with your personality, your lifestyle and your physical needs. Take the quiz to find out which which one of our fabulous classes will help you Flourish!

1. What’s your level of experience with yoga?
A. I love my yoga pants, but they’ve never been to class.
B. I’ve tried it a handful of times, and know a pose or three.
C. I’m about to roll out my mat as we speak . . .
D. I’ve done yoga, and enjoy the physical aspect of yoga.
E. I love the practice and I know lots of poses.

2. What is your level of activity?
A. I have a job or lifestyle where don’t move a lot.
B. I don’t have any serious injuries, and I walk and workout a bit.
C. I work out regularly, and I’m in pretty good shape.
D. I enjoy working out every day, and have a healthy body that reflects this.
E. I work on building strength and stability to help on and off the mat

3. Do you like to hold poses or would you rather go with the flow?
A. A slow speed where we hold the poses is more my style.
B. I prefer a mix between the two.
C. I like to keep it moving.
D. It doesn’t matter as long as it’s a strong, dynamic class!
E. I like both styles, depending on my mood and energy level.

4. Do you want to make yoga a part of your lifestyle?
A. A weekly class is perfect for me.
B. I am open to the idea of incorporating some of the philosophies into my life.
C. Yes, I want a diet and lifestyle practice to go along with my Asana practice.
D. I haven’t decided yet. I’m just enjoying my practice for what it is at the moment.
E. Yoga reflects my diet, my lifestyle and my movement routine every day

5. Are you looking for an adventurous, creative practice, or do you like it simple and structured?
A. I have enough adventure in my life already; I just want to find some peace.
B. I like some variety in my practice.
C. I’d like a bit of both to help me deepen my knowledge of the practice
D. I’m up for trying something new and challenging.
E. The more adventurous, the better!

6. What is your favorite yoga pose?
A. Savasana please!
B. I’m a big fan of standing balancing postures.
C. Warrior makes me feel strong from the inside out.
D. I’d hang out in plank all day if I could.
E. I love tricky balancing poses!

7. When you’ve rolled up your mat after practice, how do you want to feel?
A. I want to feel relaxed and rested.
B. I want to feel uplifted and ready to take on the day!
C. I want to feel like I accomplished something and learned something new.
D. I want to feel strong and resilient.
E. I want to feel like I tested my boundaries to advance my practice

8. What do you most hope to gain from your yoga practice?
A. Stress-reduction
B. Flexibility and range of motion
C. Mind-Body balance and strength
D. A strong, healthy body.
E. A little adventure and a practice I enjoy

9. What does yoga mean to you?
A. Breathing and stretching; a way for me to relax.
B. A way to integrate body, mind, and spirit.
C. A spiritual and physical practice, as well as a philosophy to live by.
D. Balance, strength, and flexibility.
E. A challenging physical practice, plus a spiritual component.


If you got mostly A’s: 
You're newer to the practice of yoga or perhaps returning to it after an injury, pregnancy, or other life event. You may also be looking for a gentle way to stay active or stretch out, or as a way to find well balanced mental health. You’d probably enjoy a basic, gentle and meditative practice, so we recommend you try Gentle Hatha Yoga, Yoga FUNdamentals, and Restorative Yoga.

If you got mostly B’s: 
You’ve tried yoga before, and already enjoy it. You are open to learning more about yoga philosophy and incorporating some spirituality into your practice. Our guess is you’ll enjoy Core & Restorative Yoga, Energy Flow Yoga and Hatha Yoga.

If you got mostly C’s: 
You have a firm grasp on the practice of yoga, and are looking to deepen your practice spiritually and physically to reflect your overall lifestyle. You might want to try Core Flow Fusion, Dynamic Hatha Yoga, and Slow & Strong Flow Yoga.

If you got mostly D’s: 
You love fitness and are always looking for fun and challenging ways to get some exercise. Moving your body is a pleasure! You’d like to figure out what types of poses you can challenge yourself with next, but you aren’t as interested in the spiritual aspects of yoga. You’ll like Dynamic Hatha Yoga, Energy Flow Yoga, and Yoga with Weights.

If you got mostly E’s: 
You’re open-minded and athletic by nature, who enjoys both the physical and spiritual aspects the practice brings you. Your adventurous spirit has you branching out from the more traditional styles of yoga and trying new things, but you remain dedicated to living your yoga on and off the mat. Because you practice yoga so much, it’s important that you feel inspired and challenged. You’ll enjoy trying Dynamic Hatha Yoga, and Energy Flow Yoga, and find balance with Restorative Yoga.

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